Business Project Management

Growing your business, saving you time & money using a collaborative approach

New Zealand is full of go-getters and these positive people often find themselves running their own business. However, as fantastic as they are at producing “widgets” often they have little or no business training, and “business” may be the least favourite aspect of their business. Does this sound familiar?

One of the greatest challenges of any SME owner is the number of hats you need to wear on any one day to ensure your business not only survives but also continues to grow. As a result, things are not done as well as they should be, and your business suffers. In order to grow a successful business you need to be able to see the big picture, and have a clear vision for your business to strive towards. This is where we can help.

The Project Guys provide you with Business Project Management expertise: we assist you to improve both your back and front office processes, increase sales, implement effective marketing, develop a web presence, motivate your staff, and increase profits. By getting us to help with the “business stuff”, you can concentrate on making the best “widgets”, saving you valuable time and money as everyone involved is working towards your vision one step at a time.

With the right team helping you, you can build a strong foundation for any business. Stop operating reactively and take a proactive approach to building a business that meets your needs, both personal and professional.

Give yourself a break and let us manage your project and grow your business. Click here today to find out more about this unique service that is 100% customised towards you and your needs.

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What they say

Craig worked for us as a consultant in a project management role and he was a great motivator and positive influence in the office! We would highly recommend Craig for his ability in project systems, co-ordination, scheduling, organisation, level of communication, etc. Cameron Prestidge General Manager EGMONT AIR LTD
Cameron Prestidge
General Manager