Creation Of A "How To Do" Manual For Your Business

Could you step away from your business for 6 months, 3 months or even 1 month and the business continue to operate without you?  

Creation of a 'How To Do' policy and procedures manual for your business


One of the primary reasons you can’t do this is because you do not have your systems and procedures documented in one place. You yourself are a walking encyclopaedia of your business. You know how to do everything because you have always done it, BUT everything is either in your head, or the heads of the longstanding key people in your businesses head.  

Life is full of opportunities and curve balls. As such you need to manage your risk, so that you can capitalise on those opportunities, or deal with the curve balls

You need all your policies, procedures and systems documented in one place, in the form of a manual. 

Through our “How To Do”  Policy & Procedures Manual we make this happen. We will develop a manual tailored to your unique business that details how every function is carried out in your business. 

Through documenting these procedures and developing these systems we help you to create a business that is easier to run, more efficient to run, and most importantly more profitable to run, while at the same time making your business more robust, less risk averse, and not dependent on you.                         

Not only will your receive a comprehensive How To Do business manual detailing the operation of your business, you will also benefit from.


  1. Now having the tools to train and retain your staff for better business operation.
  2. You will have your valuable business Intellectual Property documented, adding tremendous value to the market value of your business.
  3. You will minimise the risk to your business operations, by not having all the knowledge being held by just one or two key people. 

The development of the manual is comprehensive, and as such we spread this out over 9 months. The first 6 months is coaching you through the content needed to be included in the manual, and bringing this together, and the remaining 3 months is coaching you through the implementation of the manual we develop for you into your day to day business operations.

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