Professional Coaching & Business Mentoring

Helping you move from a state of "Constantly running around in circles, feeling frustrated, and just not getting ahead"" Having clarity, focus, being organised, and actually making money"


Everyone starts their business with passion and excitement for the future. However over time the road of business ownership can be a challenging and lonely one, and your initial adrenaline rush and mojo can soon fade.

There is often no-one to bounce ideas off, or to challenge you. Indeed for some the biggest challenge can be procrastination and the lack of accountability. For larger business it can be the thirst and need for some independent ideas and strategies.

All of this often results in business owners getting so caught up in the busyness of running thier business that they struggle to actually acheieve what they set out to do when starting a business. This can be extremelly fustrating and demoralising. 

Sadly in New Zealand 70% of business fail within the first 5 years. It is an even sadder statistic that good old Kiwi pride prevents approximately 70% of business owners from seeking help.

This is where The Project Guys Professional Coaching & Mentoring comes in. We work with you one-on-one to give you direction and get your business running as it should. Coaching & Mentoring involves equipping people with the tools, knowledge and opportunities needed to fully develop themselves and be effective in their business role. What sets The Project Guys apart from others is that our approach is 100% practical, and is tailored to suit your intended outcomes. We do not provide a “straight out of the box” set solution or programme: everything is customised for you.

The Project Guys only work with those who are prepared to put in the work to help themselves. Our time and yours is far too precious for either one of us to not deliver on our promises.

So if you have had enough and would like to move from constantly running around circles, feeling fustrated, and just not getting clarity, focus, being organised and actually making moneyclick here.

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What they say

I have been working with Craig for the last six months. Craig is a pleasure to work with, has a great sense of humor and is quick to form long lasting relationships with those he meets. Craig thinks out of the box and is able to offer strategic solutions that are innovative and well thought out, yet simple to follow. He is always thinking of the next opportunity and ways to do things better. I enjoy working with Craig and look forward to working with again him in the future.
Nick Carey
General Manager